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Phytoplankton Cultures

Supplied directly from our hatchery at Reculver, All marine species routinely kept in continuous culture are priced the same.
Typical culture densities (in cells per million/ microlitre) are listed below .
Species Cell Count

- Pavlova lutheri 10
- Tetraselmis suecica 1
- Tahitian Isochrysis* 10
- Chaetoceros muelleri 10
- Chaecoteros ceratosporom 10
- Skeletonema costatum 10
- Rhinomonas sp. 1.5

*similar to I. galbana but more tolerant to high temperatures.

Master cultures are held in stock of the following species:

- Chaetoceros ceratosporum 10
- C. gracilis 10
- C. calcitrans 40
- Pyramimonas virginica 20
- Nannochloropsis oculata 40

Cultures can be supplied subject to two weeks notice at £80 plus VAT and delivery for a two litre bottle. These are grown in flasks as batch cultures and are denser. These are not available as concentrates.
Master cultures of any of the above species are available ex stock at £80 per pair plus VAT and delivery. (Usually dispatched via TNT)

To order please contact

Tel: 0444 1227 363359 Fax: 0044 1227 740518