MaxMar Mariscos, Laguna Manuela in Baja California started out with a 12 bag layflat system two years ago to support their hatchery to grow C. gigas and scallops.

The system has now been increased to an impressive 48 bags and production is progressing well. They have top quality seed and market size oysters ready now.

They are keen to help develop systems in Latin America especially for prawn farms.

Enquiries to Mark Venus


British Columbia Canada

One of two recent installations in British Columbia is Innovative Aquaculture who had a 6 bag upright system fitted in Spring 2001.


Director Gordon Jones writes –
“We are very pleased with the SeaCAP system and have found that with it we are able grow difficult species that in the past were not able to get past the flask stage. The SeaCap system produces the highest quality algae possible, which is essential when growing difficult species like Scallops and Geoducks.”

Innovative Aquaculture also make algal pastes especially formulated for fish farming.


The Philippines

Jewelmer International have various hatchery and grow out sites at several locations in the Philippines.

They called us in 12 years ago to assist in hatchery production of the pearl oyster Pinctada maxima. Using several versions of our SeaCAPs system they have been highly successful to the extent that they no longer need to rely solely on oysters gathered from the wild.

A truly ecofriendly company with a fascinating story to tell.



Scalpro AS produce scallops and oysters at Rong, near Bergen. Their upright system built into an old fish processing plant has been working well for them since 1996. Managing Director Thorolf Magnesen.


A further system is under construction using 60 extra large bags for a new cod farm near Bergen. Target production for more than one million cod fingerlings per annum.


Washington State and Hawaii

Coast Seafoods have bought two systems this year. One for their operation at Quilcene WA.

Doug Thompson is very pleased with their upright system which has been reaching cell counts of 10million/ml

An indoor temperature controlled unit was also supplied to their Coast Hawaii outpost. Also in Washington, arguably the World’s biggest shellfish hatchery, Taylor Shellfish, has been using a 40 bag SeaCAPS unit for 10 years.

A smaller hatchery, Dahman Shellfish, preceded Taylor’s by a few months with a 36 bag unit.


Virginia, USA

Cherrystone Aqua Farms’ Mike Peirson, has what must be the biggest array of SeaCAPs systems, currently numbering more than 200 bags and rising!

They are probably the leading producers of American Clams. Southern States


Florida, USA

Our Florida agent, Curt Hemmel, came on board after having great success with his own system in Tampa .

Four units have been sent to the Southern States this year including a system for prawn farmer in Texas. We expect to see a lot more action on that front very soon



Through our agent Rod Grove-Jones in S. Australia we are able to offer back-up for systems both existing and new for shellfish, fish and prawn farms in Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Rod writes “I used the “SeaCAPS” system extensively from 1994-2000 at an oyster hatchery in South Australia. Originally we had an upright system designed by John Bayes that produced 4000 litres per day. Later we expanded with the lay flat system to increase production by 3200 lpd to 7,200 lpd for only a marginal cost increase.

We continued to improve the system working with John Bayes and further increased its efficiency in use of power and labour without any loss in reliability or quality of feed .I have no hesitation in recommending the Seacaps system as the most reliable, cost effective and modern way I have seen to produce algae in the hatchery ”



In the past decade there has been a huge upsurge in fish farming for turbot, seabream and seabass in southern Spain.

Three systems were installed recently to produce rotifers. Past and recent clients include Tinamenor S.A., Stolt Seafarms and Isidro de la Cal.

For shellfish seed and system enquiries in Spain contact Pablo Guerrero



Almar S.A. in Marano Lagunare , Udine, farm clams. They have a 72 bag unit and are just upgrading to an additional 100 layflat bag system which will yield 25,000 litres of algae per day to feed their hungry ‘vongole verace’ (Manila clams)

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